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The Iron Order Motorcycle Club was founded in a garage on our nation's Independence Day by eight hardcore bikers. These men shared a desire for brotherhood, a love of motorcycles and the exhilaration of the open road. They came together from different walks of life, but banded together as a single group with a like mindset. A brotherhood was forged in that garage that survives strongly to this day.

Our club has grown worldwide and the Youngstown Ohio Charter of the IOMC is proud to be part of the Iron Order Nation. We are a tight group of brothers who ride hard, play hard and always look out for each other. We are law-abiding and believe in positive community involvement. Our colors are earned in sweat, never just handed out. IOMC respects those that respect us and we stand for our right to ride and live as we please.

Take some time to check out our site and the IOMC International Site, get to know what we are about; and if you like what you see – contact us – you may be meeting a future brother.

"And they shall gather in a circle, wrought of Iron, forged from the spirit of their souls. In times past, many great warriors gathered together to form an Order that would change the face of the world as it was known. They gathered not for glory or for greed, but to a fellowship for the betterment of all mankind. It was their spirit that would shape the face of the future paving a roadway for the generations that would follow." 
– Richard the Lion Heart
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Youngstown Officers

Chapter President / Raver

Vice President / Retort

Business Manager / Stoic

Sergeant at Arms / Shiv

Road Captain / Leadfoot

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Prospect for IOMC Youngstown

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club does not invite just any man to join our brotherhood. You must work hard to gain our trust and learn what it means to wear our patch. The first step is to become a Hang-Around. During this time you will get to know the Brothers and Maidens of the Youngstown chapter. If the Brothers feel you are a good fit for the chapter you will then be invited to Prospect. This process takes a different amount of time for each man depending on the amount of effort they are able to dedicate to the club. This includes attending weekly open houses at the Youngstown clubhouse, traveling to Iron Order events and working on various tasks with Brothers and Prospects of the Y-town Outfit.

Upon becoming a Prospect the duties you are expected to perform are not demeaning, cruel or illegal. However, unlike being a Hang-Around you ARE EXPECTED to carry out these duties. These tasks are used to build a bond and a knowledge that you can be trusted with the gift of brotherhood. You will be required to work at Iron Order events, both at the Youngstown chapter and surrounding chapters. You will also be expected to help maintain the Youngstown clubhouse and motorcycles, or you may simply be asked to do what you can to help out a Brother in need. In the end, you will have the complete trust of your Brothers and a special gift that can last a life-time.

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The Iron Order Maidens are the wives and significant others of the brothers of the Iron Order MC. Their involvement is to promote the welfare of the IOMC and promote positive interaction within the motorcycle community. Iron Order Maidens support the brotherhood, attend IOMC events, and some even ride their own bikes. Maidens are loyal to the IOMC and participate in club events and charities.

The Maidens are not a club in itself, but they do wear a support patch and get the respect of the Brothers. Also, a woman who displays significant loyalty to the IOMC and supports the Y-town Outfit, although not being the wife or girlfriend of a brother, may receive an honorary membership to the Iron Order Maidens upon the approval of the Y-town Outfit.

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Membership in iomc Youngstown

To become a brother in the Iron Order MC you must:

  • Be a man, eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • Ride a 650cc or larger, cruiser style motorcycle
  • Have a valid operator's license w/MC endorsement
  • Be a law-abiding man of good moral character
  • Feel that riding is not a lone activity

Take some time to learn more about the IOMC brotherhood on our international homepage. If you like what you read and feel that you would like to be part of a true brotherhood then get in touch. Use the contact form on this site if you are in the Youngstown, Cleveland or Akron areas. For membership inquiries outside of that area please refer to IOMC International.